For expats in Asia, I don’t think you can beat Infinity’s innovative and forward thinking approach to financial planning. Well I work for them so I would say that but bear with me a moment and let me outline the reasons why I think we are the cream of the crop.

  1. Bespoke financial planning solutions

Investment outcomes are of primary importance for us. We know just how hard our clients work to be able to secure their financial future and we are fully aware of the importance of the outcome of their investments. While for most people a long-term approach of reliable and consistent returns which maximise the compounding effect is the most effective approach to financial planning, that doesn’t mean that we employ a one-size-fits-all tactic.

Like all my Infinity colleagues, I take great care to get to know my clients’ financial situation in the minutest detail so that I can properly understand their needs and find effective investment solutions which will help them achieve their goals.

  1. A sensible approach to risk

Risk-free investing is an oxymoron however a good financial adviser can tailor your investments to your appetite for risk. At Infinity this is something that we take very seriously applying detailed analysis and sophisticated online risk profiling to work out each individual client’s tolerance to risk. The tools we use take into account many different factors including how much risk a client needs to take to achieve their goals and their capacity for loss.

  1. Award-winning investment management

Financial planning and investment management are not the same thing, which is why Infinity consultants, including myself, stick to what we are best at and leave the investment management to specialists in the field. And we only work with the very best. The Tilney group are an award-winning, UK-based investment management company whose research-driven allocation approach gets the best possible, consistent and risk-adjusted management for our clients. Our exclusive relationship with Tilney in Asia means that you won’t have access to their expertise, resources and tools via any other financial services provider in the region. Tilney offer a range of five risk-graded allocation models so there is one to suit all risk profiles as well as bespoke portfolio service.

  1. Ongoing support

Financial planning is a process. While it is best to avoid micro-managing a portfolio in response to ‘noise’ in the market, it is important to regularly review how your investments are performing. We monitor clients’ portfolios on a quarterly basis so that any necessary rebalancing can be done to ensure that their needs continue to be met. An individual’s requirements also change over time, especially at times of big life changes such as a marriage, divorce, the birth of a child or receiving an inheritance. Regular contact with clients means that I can adjust their financial plans in response to these life-changing events.  

Are you looking for sound investment advice, impeccable customer service and an adviser who will strive to find you the very best outcome for your investments? Well, look no further. I’d love to help you achieve your financial goals and ambitions whether you are just starting on your investment journey or are a seasoned investor. Please get in touch with me at to have a no-obligation chat and see how we can work together.

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