If you’ve been following my blog posts you’ll know that I was expecting a baby. Well my son arrived safe and sound already over about a month ago and my mind has been blown by the overwhelming emotions of new parenthood. Along with the usual worries of “What does THAT cry mean?” and “Is the baby hungry/ill/still breathing?” is the overpowering sensation of being wholly responsible for a mini human being. It can be frightening and the urge to protect is strong.

Of course, as my son grows I will have to learn to overcome my desire to wrap him in cotton wool and allow him to run around at the risk of falling over and scraping a knee or to play rough and tumble with his playmates even though he might get his hair pulled or an elbow in his face. I simply can’t protect him against every eventuality, and nor should I. All those little knocks are a necessary learning process.

What I can do though is protect my child against future financial difficulties. It may seem premature to some but I’ve already started planning for his education. I want to give him the best future that I possibly can and that means a good education, hopefully right through to a university degree (if that is what he wants). And as a financial adviser I know better than most just how much that is going to cost me!

I have worked with lots of parents putting together education fee plans to suit their requirements. The most common goal they have, which is now one I share, is to give their child the most positive financial start possible in life by relieving them of the burden of huge debts upon graduation. There are a number of ways to achieve that but I wanted to draw your attention to property investment.

Done right, bricks and mortar can be a great way to secure your child’s financial future. You could spend time researching where to buy, poring over real estate listings and weighing up the pros and cons of different properties, but with time at a premium for new parents, you might prefer to let the professionals do the hard work for you. Infinity works closely with IP Global who are experts in the field. Their end-to-end service makes property investment a breeze as they take care of everything from initial analysis to ongoing property management.

As well as receiving rent payments each month as income or to repay a mortgage, you should, with the right advice on where to buy, have an asset which rises in value and produces a tidy capital gain. And getting the location right is something which IP Global take very seriously when selecting properties favouring areas where rising populations will guarantee future demand, where investment in infrastructure is strong and where employment is increasing.

If you’d like me to run you through the kinds of return and capital gains that you could expect from property investment with IP Global, I’d be happy to meet you. Why not contact me at bmulder@infinitysolutions.com to make an appointment and take the first steps towards securing your child’s financial future?

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